Please Read Before Ordering

All lumber is sold by the board foot (1bf = 144 cubic inches). To calculate board feet, multiply length in inches by width in inches by thickness and divide by 144. Board feet is calculated based on lumber thickness prior to surfacing.

ship.pngMost orders are shipped within 2 working days after placement or receipt of order. Shipping is normally 2 to 7 working days, depending on distance from Cheektowaga, NY.

All lumber is sold under on a dry or net basis. When you buy 100 bd. ft. you receive 100 bd. ft.

All domestic lumber is Northern Appalachian grown, exhibiting characteristics of fine grain, texture and uniform color.


kiln.pngAll lumber is kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content and stress-relieved.

All UPS/FedEx bundles are wrapped with a heavy gauge plastic stretch wrap, a cardboard wrap is then applied around each end (8" - 10" from the end), and then plastic strapping is secured over the cardboard to make a solid and protected package.

nhla.pngAll lumber is Select and better grade, 4" and wider, averaging 6" - 7" in width, lengths are 6' - 8'. All stock meets or exceeds National Hardwood Lumber Association grade rules.

Orders under 200 bd. ft. are shipped by UPS or Fedex in bundles weighing up to 50 lbs. each (20 - 30 bd. ft.) Orders over 200 bd. ft. are usually shipped by motor freight.


Quantity discounts are available as follows: (applies to one species and thickness) 125-250 bd. ft. less $.05/bd. ft., 251-500 bd. ft. less $.10/bd. ft., 501+ bd. ft. less $.15/bd. ft.

Surfacing is included at no extra cost. Surfaced thickness is approximately 13/16" - 1/4" less then rough thickness. Jointing one edge is available at $.18/linear foot

money.pngSpecial "Cash and Carry" pricing is available for customers visiting our warehouse.

Call 1-800-274-0397 to talk to one of our hardwood lumber experts.